US insurer includes fitness trackers in all life insurance
US company will include fitness tracking with wearable devices in all life insurance policies
Community Jameel and MIT launch AI health clinic
Saudi social enterprise collaborates with MIT on machine learning healthcare facility
Original, working Apple-1 up for auction
Fully-functional Apple-1, built by Jobs and Wozniak, to go on sale in September
US telco cut data to firefighters tackling brush fire
Verizon capped data to a mobile command centre after firefighters exceeded monthly data limit
Microsoft stops hack on US conservative sites
Microsoft says it has stopped a Russian-led hack attack on US conservative groups
MicroEncryption technology promises to secure digital currencies
New technology from startup Krypti aims to secure valuable digital assets through MicroTokens
DeepDrive aims to develop AI for use in connected vehicles and transport
Data-in-space organisations partner to preserve human knowledge
Cloud Constellation to make it's orbital data-storage satellites available to Arch Mission
Three new SVPs at Intel
Intel makes internal promotions in key departments including marketing and legal
Hyperloop pod hits 457kph in competition
University of Munich sets new speed record set for hyperloop in SpaceX competition


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