Juniper Research

In-vehicle infotainment to create 6 exabytes of data per year by 2021
Juniper Research study shows in-vehicle systems will become biggest generator of M2M data traffic
Digital content market to reach $154bn by 2019
Juniper Research report says gaming to drive 60% growth in content market
Mobile transaction users to reach 2 billion by 2017
Juniper Research predicts surge in number of users using mobile devices for commerce
Worldwide tablet games revenue to triple by 2019
Device specs and mobile data penetration to drive massive growth spurt, says Juniper Research
Mobile charging greenhouse gasses to double by 2019
Power generation to charge mobile devices will drive up greenhouse gas says Juniper Research
Augmented reality set for take-off
Users to approach 200m globally by 2018: report
Smart watch shipments to hit 36m by 2018
Juniper Research predicts smart watch market to grow due to multi-function devices
Smartphone market to see new emerging players
Asha, Sailfish and HTML5 based apps will gain market traction according to Juniper Research
Mobile video calls surge
Emerging monetisation models still face considerable challenges
Healthcare gets wireless boost
Smartphone-compatible smart monitors set for surge in supply by 2017
Mobile apps market to hit $52 billion by 2016
Juniper Research predicts growth from mobile, tablets; HTML5 to shift downloads from app stores
Mobile remittances set to hit $55bn by 2016
Juniper reports says remittances to emerging markets to drive mobile payments