Juniper Research

Mobile biometrics to secure $2 trillion payments by 2023
Juniper Research reports says biometrics authentication to see major increase
Sports broadcast technology to be $3.4bn market by 2023
Juniper Research predicts new developments in sports viewing tech will drive market
IoT spending to exceed $6bn by 2023
Juniper Research predicts 300% growth in internet of things investment in next five years
Smart home voice assistants to see rapid uptake
Juniper Research predicts 1000% increase in sales as voice assistants become the core of smart homes
Data mining, deapps and quantum computing to disrupt FinTech
Juniper Research highlights the most disruptive technologies for FinTech
Inflight entertainment revenue to reach $8.4bn in 2023
Juniper Research expects revenue from entertainment and connectivity to double in next five years
Expat digital P2P remittances to hit $300bn by 2021
Juniper Research sees non-traditional channels reaching 44% of total remittances
Smart cities can save citizens 125 hours per year
Study by Juniper Research for Intel shows average savings from smart city improvements
IBM leading blockchain according to Juniper survey
Juniper Research survey says IBM cited as having best credentials in blockchain
Robot housekeepers in tenth of residences by 2020
Juniper Research predicts rise in robots for domestic chores
IoT will create unmanageable botnet risk, says Juniper
Juniper Research predicts million-plus IoT device botnets will be deployed by cybercriminals
Developer interest in AR booming, says Juniper
New research report says AR to top 2 billion apps, $5bn market by 2021