ALERT: Cybercriminals are targeting apparel e-commerce websites this White Friday
Kaspersky advises consumers looking for deals to be careful when making online purchases
DDoS attacks rose by a third in Q3: Kaspersky
Half of the Q3 DDoS attacks happened in September, stats reveal
Kaspersky signs MSSP agreement with Umniah
The alliance will help Umniah expand its MSSP portfolio by offering Kaspersky’s premium cybersecurity solutions and an ecosystem of tools, incentives and support
Kaspersky updates its threat intelligence portal
Security vendor extends functions of the updated portal to both enterprise customers and the general public
Kaspersky updates decryption tool to fight ransomware
The RakhniDecryptor tool can recognise specific kinds of ransomware and bringing them back to a normal state
Kaspersky detects 105 million attacks on smart devices
Capitalising on weak security of IoT products, cybercriminals are intensifying their attempts to create and monetise IoT botnets
Kaspersky extends Microsoft Office 365 protection to OneDrive
Protects both email and storage, preventing malware from infiltrating OneDrive and spreading across the network
Kaspersky grows MSP business to reach 2,000 registered partners
This includes partners across North and Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa
Kaspersky updates Security Cloud with more privacy controls
Now includes new ways to protect privacy across multiple devices
Kaspersky patents sandbox that adapts to malware behaviour on the fly
Technology allows analysis of suspicious files in a single attempt instead of trying multiple times
Kaspersky to train cosmonauts on cybersecurity
Security experts teach current and future cosmonauts, and IT professionals, to the basics of cybersecurity
Kaspersky extends cooperation with INTERPOL on cybercrime
Kaspersky to share results of cyberthreat research and assist with full digital forensics

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