How to leverage technology for a digital world

Building an intelligent connected world by Alaa ElShimy, managing director & vice president, EBG Business, Huawei Middle East

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Digital technology is reshaping the world. By now, this statement has become fact: the impact that technology has on our daily lives, and will have on the foreseeable future, is tangible. It is changing our urban environments for the better, creating new opportunities for economic development, societal advancement, and community empowerment.

Digital transformation is understandably a priority of governments and businesses alike around the world; spending on digital transformation in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region is predicted to cross the $25 billion mark this year according to IDC.

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector is continuously developing in order to meet the ever-changing needs of an increasingly connected society. As we move into a fully connected, intelligent world, new solutions will be required to continue the momentum of an evolving ecosystem – just as initiatives are required to ensure that everyone is equipped with the understanding required to thrive in a digital world.

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Digital inclusion – across communities as well as entities within the public and private sectors – is a key consideration for Huawei. Our TECH4ALL platform has already helped people across the world, and we intend to use it to enable another 500 million people to benefit from digital technology in the next five years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology can be leveraged as forces for good in the continued evolution of smart societies.

During the fourth annual Huawei Connect conference, a global industry event held recently in China, experts from the global ICT sector gathered to discuss digital transformation on a worldwide scale. The event included the revealing of several products that will propel digital development, enabling the realisation of a world in which we can bring digital to every person, home, and organisation.

Integrating AI into next-generation ICT products will contribute to the increasing scale of interconnectivity and maturing intelligent technologies that are driving positive disruption around the world.

AI is central to Huawei’s next-generation product strategy – nicknamed ‘123456’ – for the years to come, which will lead innovation and help customers to address a new round of digital transformation challenges, enabling them to achieve business success.

Beyond AI, we will see more integration across other ICT products. This will include IP and optical networks, 5G and Wi-Fi 6, IP and storage, and soft/hard SDN, as we advance intelligence in our innovations to offer competitive next-generation intelligent products and solutions to our customers across the world.

Expansion of the ICT ecosystem will play as critical a role in the development of a digital society as solutions themselves. In this respect, Huawei has introduced a new strategy for the computing market, which will focus on building an open ecosystem in addition to architecture innovation, investment in all-scenario processors, and clear business boundaries.

We will invest US$1.5 billion in the Huawei developer program, with the aim of expanding support to five million developers. This will enable our worldwide partners to develop the next generation of intelligent applications and solutions, thereby boosting the progression of connected societies.

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