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Editor’s letter: Nothing lasts forever, not even the bad times
There has been a boost in working from afar on a global level as businesses shift to digital channels, and everyone is trying to make the best of a bad situation. This too shall pass, but is the world really prepared for what lies ahead?
How to ensure business continuity during the coronavirus pandemic
Gartner says organisations should follow a five-phase approach for resilient business continuity models during coronavirus disruptions
Global server revenue grew 5.1% in Q4 of 2019: Gartner
Overall global server shipments declined 3.1% and server revenue declined 2.5% in full-year 2019
SANS to host security skills training event in Saudi Arabia
Addresses demand for cybersecurity professionals required to manage digital transformation challenges in the Kingdom
Digital transformation to drive government ICT spending: IDC
Over 60% of national governments worldwide are expected to deploy AI by 2023
Nokia launches 5G certification programme for SME and enterprise employees
The new programme will offer businesses the chance to train their employees in the art of capitalising on the raft of opportunities that 5G will bring
Vectra helps organisations detect and stop Office 365 breaches
As account takeovers continue for Office 365, controlling risk remains the top concern for organisations adopting software-as-a-service models. Vectra highlights the threats to Office 365 and how it can help organisations combat these threats
How to become a data-driven business leader
The adage of ‘sometimes you just know’ stands many business leaders in good stead. So, what if all the right information becomes available? When the best course of action can be proven with data, do we abandon instinct? Claude Schuck, regional manager - Middle East at Veeam explains
Over 72% retailers plan to move some public cloud applications back on-premises: Nutanix
Nutanix ECI report shows retailers prefer hybrid cloud architectures to deliver flexibility and security
How CIOs can partner with startups
Gartner senior director analyst, Erik Van Ommeren discusses how large organisations can build a mutually beneficial relationship with Startups
Technology trends for the future of government
Rick Howard, vice president analyst at Gartner discusses strategic technology trends that public-sector CIOs can incorporate into their organisations’ strategic plans
AVEVA research reveals 3 key investment priorities for organisational digital transformation agendas
Middle East reveals lower demand for AI and advanced process and engineering design than global trend but leads global demand across edge computing and enterprise mobility

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