Medhi Amjad

Medhi Amjad

Executive Chairman, Almasa IT Distribution
Spiros Rafailovits
Marissa Safe


Almasa has seen its revenue grow by $11m over the 2015 sales number it declared in last year’s Power List survey. The company has continued to adopt a conservative business approach to overcome the market and economic challenges currently being faced by the regional channel.

What were the company’s milestones in 2017?

In challenging times with low consumer demand and lower revenue, Almasa maintained its strong financial performance with a healthy operating margin.

What are your plans for 2018?

Our strategic plan for 2018 is primarily based on a continued focus on credit risk, margins, costs and the bottom line. We will also be positioning ourselves for the future, by signing new strategic vendors and expanding our geographic reach.

What were the main revenue drivers last year?

Given the soft consumer demand, limited credited insurance and poor liquidity in the market at present, the emphasis last year was on the quality of business and maintaining revenues with our core customers. This resulted in lower revenue overall, but we maintained healthy margins and the bottom line.

What is the biggest challenge facing the Middle East channel?

The cash and credit crunch continues to be the biggest challenge. Credit risk and collection delays continue to have a major impact on the the channel business.

What will drive growth?

As the market continues to be challenging in 2018 with low consumer demand and credit concerns, our main focus will be on credit risk and the quality of business rather than revenue growth.

Tel: +971 4 306 3100
Headcount: 131
Active accounts: 1,000
Regional offices: UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Iraq
Auditor: Deloitte & Touche
Key brands: Asus, Avaya, Apple, Lenovo, Seagate, LG, MSI, Western Digital, HP & Intel
Ownership: Privately Held.
2017 sales: $303m