Marissa Safe

Marissa Safe

COO/VP, FDC international
Medhi Amjad
Steve Lockie


FDC’s sales revenue dropped by $116m over the $386m figure it declared last year. This is a sign perhaps that the strategy the company has embarked on to transition to a more value-centric business model as opposed to the volume, low margin business is yet to start yielding positive results on sales. Aside from that, the distie has continued to grow its Enterprise division.

What were the company’s milestones in 2017?

We managed to post growth in GCC and Levant and we were able to reach new customers and brands for enterprise. In addition, we added brands for the Enterprise division and high margin products.

What are your plans for 2018?

We are aiming to bring about major positive changes in terms of the overall profitability of the business and have better ROI by implementing new strategies going forward.

What were the main revenue drivers last year?

Although our revenue didn’t grow in 2017, we grew the customer base and Enterprise division, something we have been focusing on in that last three years as we transition to a value-centric business model.

What are challenges facing the Middle East channel?

The multi distribution scenario, low profitability and financial instability across the region, pose the huge threats to the survival of most channel stakeholders.

What will drive growth?

The increased breadth of our customer base and the addition of new brands and regions to the existing product line will push our business up as we continue our journey on the value solutions path.

Tel: +971 4 8703330
Headcount: 150
Active accounts: 1,000
Regional offices: UAE, Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait
Auditor: Puthran Chartered Accountant
Key brands: Acer, Asus, Cyber Roam, GEIL, Lenovo, Seagate, Sophos, Synology, TP-Link, WD, XFX
Ownership: Privately Held.
2017 sales: $270m