Nidal Othman

Nidal Othman

Managing Director, Starlink
Steve Lockie
Hesham Tantawi


StarLink’s sales revenue grew in 2017 by $60m, thanks to the value-added distributor’s continued solutions diversfication. The distie has focused on expanding its operation by increasing presence in key regions including Europe, Africa and North America.

What were the company’s milestones in 2017?

We focused on data centre and cloud solutions, entered the network infrastructure space, developed the US and UK markets and local resources into key African countries.

What are your plans for 2018?

This year, we are keen on increasing the company’s services portfolio and revenue growth. We will achieve this by adding new strategic vendors to the portfolio and are hoping to open offices in Germany, France and Kenya.

What were the main revenue drivers last year?

Our growth in 2018 came about because of the accelerated pipeline development and a number of transactions to counter the effects of the geopolitical landscape.

What is the biggest challenge facing the regional channel?

One of the biggest challenges is trying to look ahead and predict where the industry is going. The more time taken to make key decisions means missed opportunities.

What will drive growth?

Focusing on increased profitability through service offerings, enhancing communication and creating incremental value. In addition we are exploring regional expansion plans.

Tel: +971 4 279 4000
Headcount: 300
Active Accounts: 1,100
Regional Office: UAE, USA, UK, KSA, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Nigeria, Morocco, Netherlands, Jordan
Auditors: KPMG
Key Brands: Over 40 key vendor brands
Ownership: Privately Held.
2017 sales: $210m