SonicWall advances managed security services business with enhanced partner programme

The programme provides an accreditation and certification capability that significantly increases our partners’ effectiveness and success rate: Luca Taglioretti

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Luca Taglioretti, vice president, Global MSSP & Carrier Sales - SonicWall discusses how the company has revamped its SecureFirst partner programme to give its MSSP partners a competitive edge by offering them the support and service capabilities required to run a successful business.

How is SonicWall helping channel partners to survive (even grow) in such difficult times and build a stronger ecosystem in the Middle East?

As organisations in the region are forced to review their business continuity plans as a result of the ongoing health crisis, cybercriminals are capitalising on trends that play on human behaviour and response to fear. SonicWall is giving our partners a competitive edge by giving them access to our end to end solutions portfolio to help equip our customers be prepared for an influx of cyberattacks.

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Due to the unprecedented need to quickly and efficiently deploy security to rapidly expanding remote workforces, SonicWall is also including our Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution for MSSPs, allowing managed security service providers to swiftly deploy and scale on-demand security and connectivity at costs based on the number of concurrent users.

SonicWall has recently unveiled an enhanced version of its SecureFirst Managed Security Service Provider (MSSPs) Program. What are the key features of this programme and how is it different from the previous partner programme?

After being in close communications with our MSSP partners, we’ve been working around the clock to develop a strong programme layered in with our highly successful SecureFirst partner programme that caters to the specific needs of over 20,000 current partners around the world.

The SonicWall MSSP Program has 4 Pillars of Value to partners in terms of flexible pricing, operations & UI, technical support and go-to-market collaboration:

  • Flexible Pricing Options offers pricing options that match the way MSSPs do business. It offers volume discounts based on the programme tier, lowest tiered pricing for Powered Plus tier, and exclusive access to monthly and annual subscription pricing.
  • Simplified Operations includes automated provisioning, billing and license management (MySonicWall Myworkspace), A unified visibility across customers’ security environment (Capture Client Platform), and pre-defined threat analytics, reporting and workflows (MySonicWall Myworkspace)
  • Priority Technical Support model offers direct access to Level 3 technical support engineers, dedicated Services Account Manager (SAM) for Powered+ tier, and access to support Knowledgebase
  • Go-to-Market Collaboration allows assigned account manager and sales engineer for partner development and co-selling, assigned Solution Architect for Powered Plus only, MSSP-specific training for sales and technical staff. It also enables No-conflict co-selling, deal registration, access to proposal-based MDF, and 5% accrued MDF for Powered + tier

How has SonicWall tiered the new MSSP programme for the region and how can partners join?

The programme has been designed as part of an existing SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program. Participating MSSPs will continue to be required to meet annual revenue requirements, have an operating NOC or SOC with Help Desk L1/L2 Support capabilities, as well as sales and technical staffing criteria. Authorised MSSPs will need to be established in the SecureFirst program at the Silver level or above. Partners can apply by following the instructions at

Can you elaborate on the structure and features of this programme and the requirements for channel partners for each tier?

There are three tiers to this program. Powered Plus, Powered, and Protect. The Powered Plus tier is designed to meet the needs of Telco/Carrier Partners and selected high-growth national MSSPs, Mature recurring revenue business model, large scale & sophisticated operations, and multiple NOCs and SOCs.  

The Powered tier is targeted at established regional MSSPs that are usually a mix of VAR/SI and MSP business model, MSSP’s that their own NOC and is building out their own SOC and selling regionally and nationally.

The Protect tier is for the less mature MSSPs; these can either be from an MSP business model and newer to a defined security practice, are usually a mix of VAR and MSP model, and do not yet have a SOC, but have > 1,000 endpoints or 100 firewalls under management

Does the partner programme include training and certification? If so, how will these be rolled out?

The program provides an accreditation and certification capability that significantly increases our partners’ effectiveness and success rate. Trainings will be available through the SonicWall University that is accessible to all the approved partners. To date, more than 285,000 hours of training — or almost 7,000 weeks — have been completed and over 575,000 successful exams administered.

What will be SonicWall's key focus this year so far as the regional channel is concerned?

After talking with our partners about the challenges they are facing in the industry, we’ve built a program that offers them the support and service capabilities that they need in order to run a successful business. Our new MSSP service is a key component of what we will be focusing on this year where we will be providing our partners with priority support.

Through this service our partners have a formalised and more robust channel to get the assistance for their specific needs. Additionally, we’ve seen that a lot of our partners today have mixed business models, which changes the manner in which our partners manage their business.

Knowing this we’re offering our partners flexible pricing. With monthly and different pricing options, our partners are able to add more operational efficiencies that align with their unique business models. With more flexibility and personalised options through our new services we’re able to create more effective and simple ways for our MSSPs to do business, which will help propel them forward and ultimately better serve the end users.

What is SonicWall's competitive advantage and key differentiator from its rivals in the market?

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, there’s been an explosion of exposure points that have increased an organisation’s attack surface area. This has not only made more organisations vulnerable to cybercriminals but also taken a toll on IT departments that are increasingly turning to MSSPs to help mitigate potential attacks.

Our key differentiator is our technology research and development through which we utilise Machine Learning (SonicWall data gathered over 28 years) with deep learning algorithms and block files until a verdict is rendered. This gives us 99% effectiveness at that first layer. This technology is available across of all product and solutions and data are available to partners with a single pane of glass management.

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