5 tips for working from home safely
Concerns over the coronavirus outbreak and the need to keep at-risk staff away from the office has brought working from home to the top of everyone’s mind. Paul Ducklin, principal research scientist, Sophos shares a few tips on how to keep users safe while they are working from home
Esharah to provide secure site-wide telecommunications at Expo 2020
UAE firm to supply hand-held comms devices to staff, volunteers, first responders to help ensure safe connections at the global expo
Channel Middle East Security Roundtable in association with  Kingston Technology
Data is the most important resource today and securing it is paramount. To raise awareness of the ever-growing threat of data breaches and highlight the importance of encryption and strengthening the weakest link through training initiatives, Channel Middle East, in association with Kingston Technology, brings together industry experts to garner their insights on how to exhibit data security and privacy best practices
Free ‘securely working from home’ deployment kit for organisations impacted by coronavirus
SANS Security Awareness provides professionals around the world with a step-by-step guide and multi-lingual resources to secure their new remote workforce
BeyondTrust offers free secure remote access to businesses
Helps businesses challenged to support an increasing number of remote workers due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
Ring announces new battery-powered video doorbell
Ring Video Doorbell 3, Chime and Chime Pro will be available in June from, Jumbo, Sharaf DG and Virgin Megastore
Cybersecurity VAD CyberKnight joins annual e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress in Dubai
Participating with six strategic cybersecurity vendors, CyberKnight will focus on how Zero Trust Security supports enterprise and government organisations attain security resilience
SANS to host security skills training event in Saudi Arabia
Addresses demand for cybersecurity professionals required to manage digital transformation challenges in the Kingdom
Coronavirus “safety measures” email is a phishing scam, says Naked Security by Sophos
Offers top tips on how to recognise and avoid phishing scams
BeyondTrust announces new Privilege Management SaaS
Enables customers to eliminate unnecessary privileges and stop malicious attacks by enforcing least privilege on Windows desktops/servers and MacOS
Centrify debuts identity-centric privileged access management
Digital Transformation demands a more modern approach to least privilege based on individual identities, not vaulting shared accounts
Fortinet unveils FortiGate 1800F firewall
Enables enterprises to achieve true internal segmentation