Thales expands partner ecosystem to accelerate enterprises’ cloud and DX initiatives

New integrations with tech providers in Blockchain, cloud, DevOps, Code Signing and IoT will help enterprises reduce cyber risk and secure digital transformation initiatives

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Thales has expanded its data protection ecosystem to more than 300 technology partners and 500 technology integrations. Following the new integrations with tech providers, enterprises will be able to reduce cyber risk and secure their digital transformation initiatives in new markets including Blockchain, cloud, DevOps, IoT and Code Signing.

The move will allow Thales to enable organisations to integrate data encryption, hardware security modules, key management and access management technologies with their existing IT infrastructure and cloud services.

“The use of the cloud and digital transformation is now the cornerstone of any modern company,” said Sebastien Cano, senior vice president for Cloud Protection and Licensing Activities at Thales. “Vitally though, those that are truly leading the way are doing so by integrating security by design into their processes from the start. By integrating our data protection products and services with hundreds of technology partners, we can ensure customers and their sensitive data are protected throughout their entire transformation journey and remain at the forefront of their industries.”

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Thales is collaborating with leading companies that are driving the adoption of Blockchain technology by integrating its Luna Network Hardware Security Modules (HSM) as the root of trust to secure blockchain-based transactions.

Thales is also helping companies secure the move to the cloud with cloud key management and access management solutions that integrate with the most widely used cloud platforms and services including AWS, Azure, Box, Office365 and Slack.

Thales’s SafeNet Trusted Access enables organisations to modernise their IT and Identity and Access Management (IAM) schemes, as part of their cloud transformation initiatives. SafeNet Trusted Access’s integration with F5 BIG IP enables enterprises to implement smart SSO for cloud services while securing on premises legacy  applications.

Thales has also expanded its DevOps technology partners to include Red Hat, HashiCorp, Kubernetes, VMWare Tanzu, Docker and Google. The company recently expanded integrations for HSMs, Data Encryption and Key Management solutions with leading providers of IoT security solutions such as Cisco, Microsoft, DigiCert, Sectigo, GlobalSign, KeyFactor and Venafi.

Thales' Hardware Security Modules take security one step further by storing the signing material in a hardware device, thus ensuring authenticity and integrity of a code file. Thales code signing partners include Adobe, DigiCert, Garantir GlobalSign, Keyfactor, Microsoft and Venafi.

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