Mimecast unveils SAFE Phish for phish testing and training

End-users can now learn from real-life, de-weaponised phishing campaigns

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Mimecast has introduced SAFE Phish to help security teams create training exercises using real-life, de-weaponised campaigns for their organisations. Training results are engineered to be incorporated into the Mimecast SAFE Score dashboard, which is designed to aggregate data to gauge a company’s security posture. Organisations have an opportunity to re-define the way overall risk is measured as a result.

“With SAFE Phish technology, end-users can safely be exposed to real-life, de-weaponised phishing attacks to make training more effective and provide a data-driven picture of which employees are most at risk. Our research has shown that end-users who have taken Mimecast Awareness Training are 5.2 times less likely to click on dangerous links,” said Michael Madon, SVP and GM of Mimecast Security Awareness Products.

Data from phish testing can be incorporated into the Mimecast SAFE Score dashboard, which is designed to calculate individual user risk using four factors – engagement, knowledge, sentiment, and bad URL clicks. Data is also aggregated to provide an overall organisational risk assessment.

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“SAFE Phish and the SAFE Score dashboard are designed to work together to transform the way risk is measured,” said Mandy McKenzie, director of product management for Mimecast Awareness Training. “Security teams can get a more complete view of risk at both the individual and organisational level and also benchmark their performance against peers in their industries or geographical regions. Using that information, they can take a more proactive approach to addressing potential issues, from applying new security controls or assigning additional training to their riskiest users.”

“Mimecast SAFE Phish is engineered to provide welcome capabilities at a time when streamlining and automating processes has become a huge focus for CISOs and their teams,” Madon said. “We’re very excited about our expanded ability to keep organisations and their end-users safe during a particularly challenging time.”

The Safe Score dashboard and SAFE Phish will be available in Q2 of FY 2021.

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