Adapting to a system integration design approach is essential to project success: Cloud Box Technologies

We caught up with Ranjith Kaippada, director, Cloud Box Technologies to discuss the company’s plans to enable digital transformation of organisations in the region with strong vendor partnerships and a robust solutions portfolio

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Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) is a premier IT services specialist in the Middle East having its headquarters in Dubai, UAE. The company specialises in IT Infrastructure Consultancy, Cloud, Network Security, Systems Integration and Professional Services. CBT offers integration of IT technologies to deliver business value to its customers. The company’s goal is to consistently deliver exceptional and cost-effective services to its customers and to be their sole source for information, hardware, software and professional services.

CBT has also made investments in Network Operation Centers (NOC) in Dubai and India as a part of its managed services. Its team consists of highly qualified and certified professionals.

Vendor and product profile

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As infrastructure consultants and providers of cloud, network security and other services, Cloud Box Technology works with some of the leading vendors including Dell, Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, Forcepoint, Fortinet, Sophos, Veeam, VMware, Aruba and Crowd Strike. This puts us in a strong position to cover a host of solutions and services that we can offer to our customers.

We are well-positioned to provide solutions spanning across big data, artificial intelligence, virtualisation and hybrid cloud. With the increasing demand for the security needs of our customers, we strategically work with a range of security vendors to be able to cover network and endpoint security, access points and wireless solutions to high-end firewall network security, backup solutions, etc. In the current situation we are also working on the increasing demand for the digital workspace solutions and we have been remarkably successful in this area.

Vendor partnerships

As an SI, the vendor support we receive is a confidence booster. One area that we feel is crucial for us to strengthen our partnership is to work hard towards achieving our vendor certifications. It helps us as front facing representatives of the IT solutions and is a clear indicator of our capabilities which is what our customers are looking for.

We are extremely aware of the two-way commitment we have with our vendors and have come a long way with the technical support we receive from their engineers in all our specialised implementations. It goes without saying that a right solution deployed becomes a refence and a future opportunity for our vendor and ourselves.

We are conscious of the vendor partner programs that yield our sales opportunities and leverage the interactions that help us sharpen our presentation, sales and technical skills.

Industry focus

Cloud Box Technologies has been focused on gaining specialisations in our SI offerings. Just as we strategically work with our vendor partners, we have also been able to bring a vertical focus into our business. Each of these sectors have their specific needs and with the knowhow and technical capabilities we have, we are in a stronger position to play the field. Our offerings now range from solutions and services for the government, healthcare, education, hospitality, and SMB sectors.

The government sector is at the forefront to adopt innovative technologies the world over. Their needs centre around robotics, security as well as artificial intelligence which we have been involved with. On the other hand, for the education sector we can enable their growth process by optimising their existing infrastructure and guiding them in their move into cloud solutions.

Similarly, for the healthcare sector, what is apparent to us is their needs for anytime connectivity and access to vital data at the click of a button. One must not underestimate the use of AI in the healthcare sector as well as data security.

And lastly, for the SMB sector despite being a large business opportunity, they have yet to mature and adopt new technologies. This is a key area where we undertake a tremendous amount of study and groundwork to enable and train them to adapt to modern technologies.

Strengthening services and solutions

Cloud Box Technologies is focused on providing efficiency, centralisation, real time monitoring and conflict resolution which are key to tackling security threats. 

We understand that, as IT continues to increase in complexity, adapting to a system integration design approach will become even more essential to a customer’s project success. For this, we have partnered with some of the best of breed security vendors that enables us to provide a range of solutions and services to our customers. This also brings into focus the in-depth training that we receive from our vendors to ensure that our technical staff are qualified to meet the project needs.   

Enabling digital transformation

Technology is an enabler of digital transformation. Technology along with the strategy, leadership and planning is what drives business transformation and innovation. Until recently the four key digital technology area involved social, mobile, analytics and cloud, however, now there is a major shift towards organisations adopting IoT, big data, virtual reality and artificial intelligence which accelerate their digital transformation. At this point Cloud Box Technologies is strategically focused on big data and artificial intelligence and are enabling our customers with smart options in their business operations.

Future outlook

We believe that with expansion comes responsibility. So far, we have grown gradually from being an infrastructure solution provider and progressed into providing security solutions.

The current situation has given us insights into the workforce of the future and the technology requirements. We understand that the current solutions are more of less temporary.

What we envisage is that our customers will now work towards more sustainable, accountable and efficient work systems which we will need to address. This will also help us move towards our goals of strengthening our cloud and AI services within our business roadmap. 

We are working on developing technical skill sets while making steady investments in cloud and being able to provide software driven solutions to our customers.  We are determined to create an environment where our customers have easy access to appropriate technology solutions and can experience a hassle free set up for the IT needs.

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