Vemco develops AI-based solution to help retailers monitor social distancing

The solution uses AI sensors to measure and analyse the number of people in retail, leisure or restaurant outlets, to help maintain social distancing rules

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Vemco Group has worked with scientists from the University of Southern Denmark and the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute, to develop a solution using AI sensors. The technology measures and analyses the number of people in retail, leisure or restaurant outlets, to help maintain social distancing rules.

The feature technology, called Vemcount, has already been installed in thousands of retail spaces in Europe and is now set to transform the way people shop in the Middle East. Retailers are noting nervousness amongst their consumers who are unsure as to whether to leave the house and venture back to ’normal’ life. This technology is a perfect way for malls, supermarkets, hotels, gyms, public places and more to reassure guests as to their safety.

Vemcount monitors occupancy levels in store to a high degree of accuracy, allowing for effective predictive and real-time management in a wide range of spaces, including supermarkets, pharmacies, government centers, religious buildings, public transport, hotels, parks, retail units and gyms.

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The software works via sensors placed at entrances that automatically count customers entering and leaving the space. This data is fed through to Vemcount, so the total customer occupancy is continually updated in real-time, with the actual occupancy figure and percentage of total occupancy displayed on a screen at the front of the store. The occupancy count can also be embedded on websites and apps, to be reviewed by customers before leaving home, as well as helping security and employees to keep a vigilant eye on occupancy.

In addition to notifying customers, alerts can be pushed to staff and security at a set occupancy number, even triggering the closure of automatic entrance doors. Store management can also use Vemcount to monitor, run reports and analyse footfall and occupancy data to better predict and plan peak visit times.

Additionally, the team has developed a social distancing software tool for public queues. By monitoring the distance between customers, alerts and notifications can be sent when customers encroach social distancing rules. Highly accurate, it has been fine-tuned by programmers to measure partners or families as groups to avoid false alerts. Keeping a safe social distance and enabling people to avoid gathering in larger groups can help communities work together to limit the spread of Covid-19.

Through local partner Mercury Projects, Vemco Group has been working with clients across the region for many years, such as Al Hokair, Al Ghurair, Global Village, Al Futtaim and Ezdan Group. This latest addition to their range of services will allow malls, retailers, gyms, supermarkets and the hospitality sector to effectively check that customers are keeping to the regulations.

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