Sharp introduces the world's first certified windows collaboration display for the workplace of the future | PN-CD701

The Covid 19 pandemic changed the way businesses interact with their workforce – now businesses must adapt to the new normal

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As businesses reopen and the workforce returns to office, we see a transition in the way organisations operate. There is a culture of the “Hybrid office model” which is being widely adopted.

The Covid-19 has brought a technology evolution in the world and businesses today are embracing tools that can accelerate productivity. Logged on, signed in, on camera & unmuted are jargons that have left us all a bit too familiar.

In the new hybrid model, teams today will be ‘working remotely’ and ‘in-office’ and have a higher expectation for better connectivity & collaboration. Joining a meeting in seconds with both video & audio available for in-room & remote attendees is the need of the hour.


The “new normal” of the hybrid work culture are prompting C-Executives, Facility managers & IT managers to rethink how to better leverage their office spaces. Requirements on number of meeting rooms, occupancy in meetings and the safety of employees are critical aspects of the ‘Smart Offices’ today.

Sharp understands this need and has worked with Microsoft to introduce a new product that addresses these concerns. The newly launched Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp (PN-CD701) finds the perfect fit in the workplace of the future.

The Sharp PN-CD701 is the next generation 4K interactive display designed to support and improve team work and is the world’s first certified Windows Collaboration Display. This 70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) interactive display meets Microsoft’s specifications, combining Sharp’s award-winning touch technology and sensors that can work with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to monitor collaboration spaces.

The advanced feature of Windows collaboration display from Sharp brings the power of the intelligent cloud into the workplace, using a combination of IoT, and productivity tools. Organisations will be able to use the IoT sensor data to improve the management of heating, cooling, room booking systems within a meeting room and also be able to measure the air quality level (CO2 & TVOC – Total volatile organic compound) for creating a comfortable meeting room environment.

Equipped with a 4K camera and microphone array the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp is ideal for any videoconferencing session. The display is designed to work seamlessly with the familiar Microsoft tools and applications such as Office 365, Skye for Business, Microsoft Teams etc that increase productivity and allows for collaboration among individuals.

The interactive display also offers the ultimate user experience thanks to Sharp's Pen-on-Paper solution and capacitive touch technology. The PN-CD701 has an attractive and elegant edge to edge design. The On Screen Display (OSD) buttons are discretely located on the front for quick and easy control. The high-quality video conferencing camera and IoT sensor hub have been integrated neatly on the top of the display. An integrated directional microphone picks up sound from anywhere in your collaboration space.

Equipped with USB-C connectivity, the Windows collaboration display offers simple single connection from your connected device which covers all the video, touch, and network data needs, and even charges the same. Additional integrated wireless casting makes it easy to share information from BYOD PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets without the need for cables. 

The unique IOT Features of Windows collaboration display from Sharp

Occupancy – PN-CD701 is equipped with motion sensor detects the presence of any people in the room.

Air quality – the Windows collaboration display continually measures and analyses the ambient air quality.

Temperature & Humidity – the intelligent climate measurement can monitor Temperature & Humidity in a meeting room.

Light- An ambient light sensor helps with intelligent lighting control, as it automatically measures the level of light.

With advanced specifications, teamwork centric design and IoT connectivity option the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp is integral to the workplace of the future.

Sharp PN-CD701 is now available in the Middle East and African region. Website: 

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