Saudi enterprises urged to embrace work transformation as Covid-19 pandemic underlines critical need for enhance collaboration

Millions of people from across the GCC are still working from home following the global covid-19 pandemic

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International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that, by the start of 2021, the contribution of "digital coworkers" will have increased 35 per cent year on year globally as more and more tasks are automated and augmented by technology. And by 2024, IDC predicts that enterprises with intelligent and collaborative work environments can expect to see 30 per cent lower staff turnover, 30 per cent higher productivity, and 30 per cent higher revenue per employee than their peers.

"Work transformation is critical for effectively scaling digital transformation initiatives and will serve to drive improvements in business agility, worker productivity, and operational efficiency," says Hamza Naqshbandi, IDC's regional director for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. "Most importantly, it will drive greater engagement and innovation among all employees, enabling organizations to establish competitive differentiation in an increasingly dynamic business environment."

"Enterprises around the world entered 2020 with plans to continue investing in their digital transformation initiatives, only to be stopped short due to the ripple effects of COVID-19," continues Naqshbandi. "Business and IT priorities changed almost immediately. Meaningful collaboration to steer employees and business executives in these tough times is a critical priority as it not only supports remote working, but also enables effective, collaborative, and informed strategic business decisions. To enable such collaboration, there is a clear focus from CIOs in Saudi Arabia on providing both customers and employees with secure access to information, applications, and services."

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