Axtel and ASBIS ME strengthen commitment to the advanced audio technology space

The deal will expand collaboration between the two companies in the region

Axtel, ASBIS Middle East, Audio, Channel

As a global provider of high-quality devices, Axtel has gained years of experience within the market for professional communication and has today announced that it has joined ASBIS ME in distribution to the region’s high-quality professional headset space.

Axtel’ headset products add value to ASBIS business, offering supreme sound quality, reliability, and maximum comfort thanks to an ergonomic design from Axtel’s R&D department.

“Partnering with Axtel, is definitely a step in the right direction. Axtel is leading in the advanced audio technology for voice quality and noise cancellation, Axtel’s headsets are suitable for any environment. With Axtel, we continue to transform one-time clients into trusted business partners,” said Praveen Singh, director sales, ASBIS ME.

“For any company to grow, one of the key points is to have an eye on the market and its needs, that’s where ASBIS comes in play in knowing the market with its expertise. One of the fastest growing VADs’ in the region, partnering with ASBIS will definitely help us grow as they have diverse product range in their portfolio catering to much larger audience who have their trust with the company. With their approach and Axtel’s’ quality along with technology, we are sure to provide quality driven cost-effective solution to our partners. Excited to partner with ASBIS,” said Mikolaj Kubiak, global director, Axtel.

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