Tatweer and Epson Saudi spearhead technological transformation of the Kingdom’s classrooms

With this partnership, 23,000 Epson interactive display solutions will be installed in 2030 public schools and universities across Saudi Arabia, replacing existing flat panel screens

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Tatweer Educational Technologies (TETCO) and Epson have come together to provide innovative and immersive in-class technology solutions. The partnership comes as a part of the National Transformation Program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The solutions are aimed at delivering a learning experience that is interactive and well-suited for students.

The partnership between Epson and TETCO sees the installation of 23,000 Epson interactive display solutions in 2030 public schools and universities across Saudi Arabia, replacing existing flat panel screens.

Commenting on the partnership, Ghassan Brinji, Project manager for equipment TETCO, said, “The Epson Saudi team has provided us with the perfect solution, meeting all our requirements. With Epson interactive display solutions, students can interact with the content projected on the screen, teachers can make notes and annotate as they teach and above all, we are impressed that Epson interactive display solutions allow for a large, scalable screen size of up to 100 inches, to enhance learning and include everyone.”

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“We understand the needs of today’s education sector and we use this knowledge to design technology to help make teaching and learning more collaborative and efficient. Epson interactive display solutions offer a scalable screen size, unlike flat panels, meaning every student gets a clear view of the lesson - as every child deserves the best education possible to prepare them for the future,” added Amr Ahmed, Sales Manager - Saudi Arabia, Epson Middle East.

“With 66% of teachers thinking that restricted viewing in class hampers learning, it’s crucial that this issue is addressed. Interactive education solutions positively impact concentration levels, engagement and understanding – ultimately helping teachers and students get the most out of the curriculum. This is why Epson is proud to work with TETCO in its mission to create a dynamic learning environment in Saudi schools, where every child is valued, is important and can reach their full potential,” Ahmed added.

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