Etisalat launches distance learning and business continuity packages to combat Covid19 pandemic

The new services will allow customers to stay better connected during the Coronavirus pandemic

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Etisalat has announced a range of new packages to help UAE citizens and residents to comply with the government’s directive to stay at home during the current coronavirus pandemic.
The new packages will make it easier for Etisalat’s customers to study, work and be entertained from the comfort of their own homes.
With the Covid19 virus now infecting over 300,000 people around the world, governments are uniting in their call for people to practice social distancing and work from home where possible. This places particular onus upon telcos to deliver the services that will allow people to remain connected during this difficult time.
Telcos will be faced with surging traffic levels across their networks but Etisalat claims that its advanced network is resilient, reliable and secure, with sufficient flexibility to adapt to changing consumer and business demands. Etisalat has invested extensively in adding to its network capacity in recent months, and is confident that it can meet the challenges presented by the ongoing pandemic.

Keeping consumers entertained
As more and more people stay at home rather than going out to socialise, Etisalat is predicting a sharp rise in demand for streaming services.
As a result of this, Etisalat is offering to upgrade its existing elife TV and internet customers for three months at no extra cost.
“Existing elife TV and internet bundle (triple play) customers who chose to move to a new eLife unlimited Plan will receive the upgraded benefits at no extra charge for three months. The eLife Unlimited plans offer speeds from an incredible 250Mbps more than enough to work-from home and keep everyone streaming their favourite content. Subscribers also have the option to downgrade back to their old plan if they wish for no penalty during this time,” an Etisalat spokesperson said.  
Etisalat will also be providing free on demand movies for its elife customers, for the next 6 weeks.

Distance learning
With all schools, colleges and academic institutions in the UAE currently closed, distance learning is the number one priority for many families across the country. With this in mind, Etisalat is working closely with the Ministry of Education and TRA to enable free mobile data for students whose families do not have internet services at home. Eligible students will receive free data tariffs from Etisalat.
“In support of the ministry’s initiatives, Etisalat has granted zero-rate access to selected educational URLs, allowing students to have free access on their mobile phones without consuming any data. In addition, all eLife customers can avail free educational content (‘Madrasa’) on their TV screens.

“Etisalat has also provided access to remote learning applications (Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Blackboard and Zoom) on the fixed network and Microsoft Teams, Blackboard and Zoom on the mobile network,” the Etisalat spokesperson said.

Keeping the country working
With businesses and enterprises across the country asking their staff to work from home, Etisalat is launching a number of initiatives to keep employees on the go.

For a period of three months, Etisalat is providing businesses with three months’ free access to its online collaboration platform - Etisalat CloudTalk Meeting – to help maintain business continuity by providing a secure platform to collaborate from any device, location, and network in the UAE.

Cloudtalk provides unlimited video conferencing and online collaboration sessions without any additional fee. The platform provides state-of-the-art features for meetings and collaborations that help in boosting business productivity and contributes to an elevated user experience.

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