CommScope: 2020 will be a critical year for wireless operators as they rollout 5G for enterprises

5G and LTE connectivity will revolutionise the business environment across the world as operators rollout 5G and bolster their LTE and LTE-M networks

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While spiralling demand for capacity in the consumer sector is driving early 5G rollout across the world, industry experts believe that operators will begin to flesh out their offering for enterprise customers in the coming months.
Across the region, companies are expecting operators to bring the benefits of these next generation networks into the enterprise. To help operators address the demands of consumers and enterprises and push the boundaries of technology, CommScope is announcing new solutions to its portfolio.
Advances in antenna design, open RAN interfaces and IoT management are just a few of the new additions to CommScope’s end-to-end portfolio of networking equipment. These innovations will be critical in simplifying 5G rollouts and growing operators’ enterprise business and will be showcased during the CommScope Digital Forum on March 17 at 9:00 am GMT and on March 18 at 1:00 pm, GMT. 
“We see 2020 as a year of critical decisions for wireless operators as they rollout, densify, and power their networks in a variety of bands while working on driving the standards and technology,” said Morgan Kurk, chief technology officer, CommScope.
“CommScope has access to extensive resources and talent gained from our 2019 acquisition of ARRIS and Ruckus that helps customers push the boundaries of technology as they unlock the potential of the 5G revolution.” 
5G will pose a range of challenges for operators around the world, and Commscope has worked extensively with a number of the world’s leading telecos to provide a range of enterprise and consumer based solutions.
“As we lay the foundation for next generation 5G networks, we have increased coverage across Germany to 94.4 percent.  The aim is to deploy an additional 9,000 base stations by 2021, taking us within a hair’s breadth of 100 percent coverage nationwide,” said Andreas Cyprian, head of Infrastructure & Property for Deutsche Telekom. 
“We continue to collaborate with CommScope on developing an innovative solutions that maximise our network investment and build a bridge to next generation technologies.”

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