Ericsson lowers the cost of 5G ownership for telcos

Ericsson has signed more than 80 5G launch deals with operators around the world

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Ericsson has added new functionalities to its range of 5G network equipment products, in a move that it says will help to reduce the total cost of ownership for mobile network operators around the world.

“Through our core networks, service providers can get to market faster and can capitalise on new services, through leading consumer and enterprise communication and monetisation solutions, enabling them to stay ahead in the race for 5G business, today and tomorrow," David Bjore, head of R&D and portfolio, business area digital services at Ericsson said in a statement.

With operators around the world battling to come to terms with the gargantuan capital investment demands of 5G, Bjore said that opportunities to reduce cost were of paramount importance.

"The journey to 5G Core makes probing more important than ever but the traditional approach to data collection is not sustainable in 5G Core. It needs to be far more cost efficient and with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core, built-in software probes enables radical TCO reductions. Also the transparent and secure interfaces in 5G core will keep sensitive data secured. Finally, with Ericsson’s solution, pre-integrated Expert Analytics for 5G allows for superior experience, accelerates 5G adoption and correlated end-to-end insights are extendable to RAN," Ericsson said in a statement.

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