In-depth: Sandvine and Westcon accelerate regional growth through strategic partnership

Alliance to enable Sandvine's business growth through Westcon's global logistical capabilities, support and technical services and expansive reach in the region

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Westcon Middle East recently signed a distribution agreement with Sandvine to market, distribute, and service Sandvine products and solutions. Commenting on the new partnership, Steve Lockie, managing director, Westcon-Comstor ME said, “Through our partnership with Sandvine, we will be able to offer advanced business intelligence capabilities, which are crucial in identifying and adapting to network behaviour in real-time, thus enabling delivery of superior customer experience.”

Sandvine has a wealth of real-world references across the globe for enabling innovative services, continued Lockie. “We are aimed at following a strategic approach in taking their solution to the channel in the Middle East. We are focused to bringing value to Sandvine’s business by helping them deliver a targeted approach in reaching new markets and industry segments.”

Sandvine started looking for a distribution partner as a result of the major growth we have seen in the past couple of years. As a result of that search, we selected Westcon-Comstor as the top distributor for Sandvine in the region. It is our belief that Westcon’s strength, knowledge, and expertise in the region, as well as Sandvine’s unique solution and use case based approach, forms a great combination to serve our customers and partners equally.

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It was really the strength of Westcon’s team and the relationships that they have in place with our key customer and partners’ types that made us select Westcon, said Hashem Eid, Sandvine’s regional vice president, MENAT Sales. “We are focusing on a few key market opportunities – analytics, network optimisation, and regulatory compliance – as our initial go to market strategy with Westcon. We have the ability to expand our partnership to focus on growth in adjacent markets such as enterprise, education, and oil & gas.”

Sandvine is a leading provider of network intelligence for network operators and large enterprises worldwide that specialises in Active Network Intelligence (ANI). “We not only support multiple solution verticals (Analytics, Network Optimisation, Revenue Generation, Revenue Assurance, and Regulatory Compliance), but we also have a unique offering that delivers end-to-end solutions across all of those verticals for key applications like video, gaming, and social sharing for consumers. As you can imagine, this is of great interest to network operators of any size or large enterprises, and we were indeed very successful in the Middle East in 2019,” said Eid.

Hashem Eid explained that the company's vision and strategy that includes efforts within the company and with partners to ensure that the right strategy is adopted for the current market transition. "Sandvine has the best network intelligence that combines depth and an extremely high level of accuracy on what matters to customers and their consumers. We are able to deliver network insights to questions such as, which applications are popular with users and how is my network delivering a good quality of experience to those users? With our data, operators can design better and far more cost-effective networks, which results in better services and better quality for consumers,” he added.

Talking about what differentiates Westcon-Comstor as a security distributor in the region, Lockie added, “Westcon-Comstor has a robust portfolio of products and solutions that covers a broad spectrum of the various threat vectors that organisations face today. Another key differentiator is the depth of our relationship with the vendors. As a leading value-added distributor, we ensure that our objectives are aligned with our vendors’. Our vendors have great respect for our work as we always remain committed to the market development plan and ensure delivery as per our agreement. Finally, and most importantly, is our people. We have a highly dedicated team that always goes above and beyond to ensure that we respond to our partners’ and customers’ needs whenever or wherever they might be."

Sandvine is well-placed in the region with teams on the ground in countries of focus such as UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Lebanon, as well as other counties that still have employees from Sandvine but represent fewer functions. Sandvine has been in the region for more than 10 years and has built strategic relationships with most of the key operators in the region. “We provide some key capabilities that are highly differentiated and highly valued in the region so it was a natural fit for the network operator solutions that we have provided for almost 20 years to the general market,” explained Eid.

“While the META headquarter is located in the UAE – Dubai Media City – we are always looking to increase our footprint in the region to align with the opportunity that we see in the Middle East. We have several countries, aside from those mentioned, where we plan to potentially increase our presence and footprint according to business growth, explained Eid.

Sandvine’s strategy for 2020 is to establish a new level of analytics with our customers through our innovative ANI (machine learning) based use case solutions and a brand new architecture that enables us to implement our growth plan in adjacent markets; for instance, the security and 5G markets.

The company’s main go-to-market strategy is growing its business through channel and distribution, so Sandvine expects to expand with more strategic partners in the coming years.  “In terms of the industry verticals we are looking to tap into, we have had a lot of success starting with either analytics or regulatory compliance in the region due to our competitive differentiation in those market verticals,” explained Eid.

Sandvine is looking to develop key partners that have specialised capabilities as its premiere partners for the region. Those partners will have the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions for specific use cases and solution verticals, stated Eid. These partners will complement our business strategy to develop a few large distribution partners which will be strategic to our business in the region moving forward.

“We want to make sure that our channel partners are fully conversant in all parts of our product, from the selling phase, to the installation phase, to the support phase. Our biggest initiative is to give full lifecycle training to those partners that we are investing in to maximise their effectiveness for Sandvine,” added Eid.

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