ManageEngine hosts user conference to address key challenges in the digital era

Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, regional sales director, ManageEngine speaks about how the company is addressing the widening talent gap through training and product advancements

ManageEngine, User Conference

UAE has introduced many policies in the recent past to power the region with emerging technologies such as the UAE Strategy for AI, Bahrain's Cloud-first policy, and more. As the region advances with digital transformation projects, there will be a significant shift in the employment landscape as well. A growing demand for skilled IT professionals is highly anticipated as industries go through such major shifts.

The tech talent gap continues to widen in 2020, not just in the Middle East but across all other countries as well. Bridging this gap is a critical need at the moment, and UAE, with the help of both the government and educational institutions, has been taking several measures to prepare for the future.

Is the skills gap really a threat to digital transformation?

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Businesses are increasingly adopting advanced technologies into their businesses, and there is a significant shortage of skilled IT professional in the market. Without a skilled workforce to support this digital change, organisations will not be able to make the most out of this transition.

However, equally important is nurturing a positive employee experience by empowering employees to adapt to this change and the way they work. If your employees are not comfortable with the change and are not prepared well in advance to make this transition independently, this journey could take a hit. So, providing intense training sessions to your existing workforce is necessary before introducing the change.

What were the key objectives for hosting MnagaeEngine user conference in UAE?

Our annual user conferences are conducted mainly to connect with our customers and give them the opportunity to meet the people behind the solutions they use. The event also serves as a platform for our customers to share their needs and expectations about our products, which eventually helps us improve and identify upcoming challenges in the market.

What are the core areas addressed at the ManageEngine user conference?

This year's conference will focus on how digital transformation has become a key aspect in business operations and the best practices  organisations need to adopt to achieve success. Raj Sabhlok, president of ManageEngine and Zoho Corp., and Rajesh Ganesan, vice president of ManageEngine, presented keynotes at the conference sharing their views on:

  • Initiatives and efforts taken by IT teams to induce Dx(Digital Transformation)
  • Importance of building the right company culture
  • Growing importance of cyber security

Along with exclusive product sessions at the conference, we will also be launching our new privileged session management solution.

How would conferences like these help the IT community in reskilling /up skilling?

Technology is always developing and the IT community is constantly looking out for platforms to improve its knowledge. These conferences help educate our customers, who belong to this community. By conducting detailed product sessions at the conference, we help fellow IT professionals gain insights in various domains such as IT service management, IT security, IT operations management, analytics, and more.

What are the new skills that they need to look at acquiring in order to stay competitive?

The top new skills for businesses to look at acquiring to gain the competitive edge would be learning most recent coding languages, Artificial Intelligence, data science methodologies, and deep learning.

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