McAfee to acquire Light Point Security

Plans to integrate remote browser isolation capabilities into MVISION Unified Cloud Edge for secure access service edge

Ash Kulkarni, EVP and chief product officer of the enterprise business group at McAfee.
Ash Kulkarni, EVP and chief product officer of the enterprise business group at McAfee.

McAfee has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Light Point Security, a player in browser isolation. The acquisition will allow the cybersecurity firm to integrate Light Point Security’s browser isolation technology into McAfee Secure Web Gateway, complementing its existing comprehensive inbound and outbound protection for all web and cloud traffic.

Upon the close of the acquisition, the Light Point Security team will join McAfee.

According to McAfee, with this integration enterprises will be able to prioritise both security efficacy and user experience by removing user exposure to malware while maintaining responsive access to legitimate websites and cloud applications, said the firm.

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Additionally, McAfee plans to integrate browser isolation into the newly released MVISION UCE solution, which includes McAfee Secure Web Gateway, McAfee Data Loss Prevention and MVISION Cloud (CASB), thus enabling a complete and simplified implementation of the SASE Architecture. This will allow customers to apply a consistent threat protection policy across their network and SaaS applications, such as Office365 and other collaboration applications.

“Web browsing is one of the most common threat vectors for endpoints to get infected. Adding Light Point Security’s capabilities into our products will create solutions that enable our customers to mitigate web-based threats without impacting user experience,” said Ash Kulkarni, EVP and chief product officer, Enterprise Business Group, McAfee.

“We are constantly working to find ways to help our customers safely adopt the cloud so they enjoy increased productivity without experiencing heightened concerns about cyber-attacks. Light Point Security’s browser isolation capabilities will bolster the McAfee Unified Cloud Edge offering to make it a preferred solution for security-focused businesses without compromising on productivity.”

“Light Point Security’s technology enables users to browse any website safely, securely and without limitations, without having to keep up with website changes. This stops attacks launched against a web browser before they can even enter the network without hampering user experience,” said Zuly Gonzalez, Co-Founder and CEO of Light Point Security. “We’ve been recognised for revolutionising the way that organisations think about security; now we will be joining a leading standalone cybersecurity player to be part of the next revolution. Together, we’ll advance McAfee’s mission to protect the world from cyber threats while supporting customers as they accelerate their own businesses by removing limitations.”

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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