Fake electronics goods worth Dh4m seized

Counterfeit electronic products worth almost AED 4 million seized by Sharjah authorities

Fake electronics goods seized at a computer repair business in Sharjah
Fake electronics goods seized at a computer repair business in Sharjah

Sharjah CID ran a successful raid operation that resulted in the seizure of counterfeit electronic products worth almost AED 4 million. The two raids were carried out late last year at properties owned by a computer repair business based in Sharjah's Al Senaiyat district.

Global independent safety science company, UL and anti-counterfeit agency, and local service provider Ten Intelligence provided the authorities with evidence to identify counterfeit products and surveillance footage prior to the operation. The authorities confiscated a total of 30,546 illegal lithium-ion batteries, AC adaptors, chargers, keyboards, hard drives, and LCD screens among other items with a total value of AED 3,997,667.

Hamid Syed, vice president and general manager of UL Middle East, said: “The ongoing co-operation between UL, Ten Intelligence and the authorities in the UAE has had a major impact on the sale and distribution of potentially dangerous counterfeit goods across the Emirates. Not only are these items in breach of strict international trademark and licensing laws, they also pose a very real threat to the safety of the public.”

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Officials confiscated around 4,551 batteries, 4619 power adapters and over 11,615 security labels among other products. All of the illegal products found at the warehouse and shop were confiscated and will be destroyed.

The operation was the latest in a series of ongoing collaborations between UL, Ten Intelligence, police and local authorities in the UAE designed to target sellers and manufacturers of illegal and dangerous counterfeit goods.

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