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Anand Chakravarthi, area VP, MEA and APAC at Pivot3 explains how the company is creating partner opportunities and raising its credentials in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector in the Middle East.

Chakravarthi says Pivot3 has been deployed in a number of city-wide projects around the world.
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Chakravarthi says Pivot3 has been deployed in a number of city-wide projects around the world.

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutiond provider Pivot3, is preparing to bring its latest intelligent hybrid cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) to GITEX Technology Week 2018.

According to Pivot3, the solutions are intended to provide security, resilience and simplicity at scale for mission-critical business services.

Powered by an intelligence engine, Pivot3 solutions support multiple mission-critical workloads on single infrastructure by using policy-based and priority-aware management to guarantee performance and automate data placement and workload mobility across environments, including hybrid cloud, IoT, safe cities, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and backup and disaster recovery.

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Anand Chakravarthi, area vice president, MEA and APAC, said as Pivot3 continues its expansion in the EMEA market, broadening channel partners, including resellers, systems integrators and distributors, will be a priority through 2018, in addition to nurturing the cloud service providers and, safe and smart city businesses in the region.

Chakravarthi said as the Middle East has always been at the forefront of new technology adoption and one of the most technologically advanced regions in the world, it’s not surprising to see that the IoT market is burgeoning in the region. “At Pivot3, we are excited to be driving growth with our deep experience in delivering mission-critical IoT solutions to customers and partners in the Middle East and around the world,” he said.

“Expansion in the Middle East has been a priority for us, as we continue to see fast growing business, new opportunities and hastening our position as a leader for delivering mission-critical business services at scale.

“Our partner ecosystem is key to producing successful projects and deployments, and this is no different. Our robust channel programmes ensure that partners are rewarded for their loyalty and are supported from start to finish during their IoT journey,” he pointed out.

Given that IoT is still in the infancy stages in the Middle East, getting the business model right around IoT is still a challenge for solution providers in the region.

Chakravarthi agreed and said IoT is a challenging business since you are potentially dealing with thousands of sensors, over a widely distributed area and generating previously unseen volumes of data. He added that there are a number of business models that channel partners can follow, subscription service, cost per sensor, a fully managed service with a fee, or a traditional sell and maintain. “The most important part of all of that, is the platform that collates the data, since without that solid foundation, you are not going to be successful in building that IoT business,” he noted.

As a result, added Chakravarthi, Pivot3 has been deployed in a number of city-wide projects around the world. “Bogota in Columbia runs the entire safe city project on Pivot3 and we have been well known in Dubai for running many mission-critical video surveillance environments, which need to have highly resilient and excellent performance to ensure video is captured without losing frames,” he said.

He pointed out that video is also the ideal launching point for an IoT strategy – it is information rich and there are many forms of analytics that can be leveraged from capturing video, both in the improvement of public safety and also to improve client experiences in the private sector.

According to Chakravarthi a large number of CIOs are only just beginning their IoT journey, and many of them are a little overwhelmed at the sheer choice of IoT projects they can deploy and this is where savvy solution providers come in. “It is vital for the channel partner to work as a trusted advisor to their CIO clients and listen to what they are trying to achieve as a business. IoT really represents an opportunity for IT to move from being a pure cost centre, to genuinely improving the business and even directly driving additional revenue,” he explained.

Having recently partnered with Lenovo in the IoT space, Pivot3 channel partners are hoping this alliance will open up cross-selling opportunities for them in the MENA market.

Chakravarthi said Lenovo and Pivot3 have been partners for some time in the IoT, smart city and video surveillance markets. “In the IoT world, Lenovo has chosen Pivot3 as its IoT platform of choice because of our performance, resilience and ability to scale. Pivot3 on the other hand, has chosen Lenovo because of its hardware build quality and breadth of coverage globally for support,” he said. In the Middle East, there is an excellent synergy between the local teams on the ground, which allows us to offer unparalleled services and expertise.”

He pointed out that Lenovo and Pivot3 offer a robust, scalable and high performing platform for a largely untapped IoT regional market. “This is offering our mutual channel partners a wonderful opportunity to reach out to customers with a clear and obvious difference to the IT companies that are simply peddling the same large vendors, doing the same types of projects again and again,” he said.

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