SANS launches webcast series to discuss latest cyber threats

March webcast from SANS Institute breaks down the attack campaign that targeted transport and shipping organisations in Kuwait

SANS Institute, Cybersecurity

SANS Institute, the global player in cybersecurity training and certifications, has delivered SANS Threat Analysis Rundown (STAR), an all-new, free webcast series that highlighted inside scoop on the latest cyber threats. Hosted by SANS Instructor Katie Nickels(@likethecoins), the series featured a variety of experts from the cybersecurity community who gave their unique perspectives on the threat landscape. STAR was created to provide actionable information about current threats so that security professionals can better protect their organisation.

The March webcast, xHunt — An Anime Fan’s Attack Campaign in the Middle East, featured a discussion with two members of Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 team, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Brittany Barbehenn and Threat Researcher Robert Falcone. It was held on Wednesday, March 25. This presentation discussed an attack campaign targeting transportation and shipping organisations based in Kuwait and another campaign targeting government organisations within the country. Both attacks involved previously unknown tools the developer named after characters of a popular anime series. Barbehenn and Falcone will explore the pivots they made while researching these attacks, as well as the tools and TTPs used by the actors in this campaign and throughout 2019.

Every day, threat analysts around the world track adversaries and try to action that information so they can help their organisations better protect their networks. We started STAR to help security professionals get actionable insights about the latest threats from the people who track them every day,”said Nickels. We’re going to approach threats from all angles, whether it’s examining a group, malware, industry, or approach. Every month will feel a little different, but our goal is to give listeners actionable insights they can take back to their teams to improve defences.”

The STAR webcast series will cover prominent real-world threats and relevant topics each month. Speakers will provide listeners actionable takeaways to help the community detect and mitigate threats. All webcasts, including the inaugural webcast, Cyber Threats to the Electric Industry, will be archived and available for future review.

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