Focus brings Focus 9 into the spotlight at GITEX

Focus Softnet showing latest version of flagship ERP, Focus 9

Focus 9 delivers improved speed and efficiency, says Hyder.
Focus 9 delivers improved speed and efficiency, says Hyder.

At this year's GITEX Technology Week, Focus Softnet, a software development and enterprise applications provider, has launched the latest iteration of its flagship platform, Focus 9. Powered by Pronghorn server, which features a hybrid in-memory computing engine, the updated ERP solution is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of processes.

The platform's modular structure enables organisations to plan out their ERP rollout strategy, while the system's design provides real time data on business processes. Additionally, the ERP solution comes standard with a Single Sign-On (SSO) data-security mechanism.

"Since we are launching this product on the Cloud, the performance of the application has been extended to in-memory computing, where semi-processed data will reside. When repeated requests from the clients who are accessing that application are sent to the server, instead of going into the database and fetching the records, it will go to the memory and deliver the records immediately, as they are available in the memory," explains Ali Hyder, Group CEO of Focus Softnet.


In addition to discussing the latest Focus 9 release, the Group CEO also shed light on the company's plans for 2019.

"We are going to look more towards IoT integration with ERP ... we see that it is getting more traction," explains Hyder. "One of the other areas we are actually working on is blockchain ... you can look forward to GITEX 2019, having our applications with more integrated IoTs for different verticals and some sort of blockchain integration as well."

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