Infor brings upgraded HR solution to GITEX

Infor showcasing latest version of Talent Science

You need a solution that gets maximum out of employees, says Wood.
You need a solution that gets maximum out of employees, says Wood.

Software provider Infor is showcasing the latest version of its human resource management solution, Talent Science, at GITEX Technology Week. The newest update for the Infor Talent Science uses machine learning technologies to help recruiters better identify the right candidates for the right positions, shortening the application process and helping to reduce employee turnover.

The cloud-based solution leverages large quantities of behavioural and performance data to help identify the key drivers of business success within organisations and power the selection of internal and external candidates that match those attributes. Hiring organisations can now tap into the data of tens of millions of candidates on the global Infor Talent Science database, and leverage artificial intelligence to create more accurate predictive models, while still maintaining high levels of validity, legal defensibility, and lack of bias.

The latest version features an updated user interface, and the new Infor Personality Inventory, designed to cut candidate assessment times in half. The upgrade of Infor Talent Science incorporates a new version of a machine-learning profile creation system to increase the precision and validity of the prediction models. The new assessment and user experiences allows companies to collect the information they need from candidates in a non-invasive manner, while candidates are provided with a streamlined and modern application experience.


"We noticed in this the market that with the advent of things like Saudisation and Emiratisation, you need a solution which enables you to get the maximum out of your employees," says Jonathan Wood, general manager, India, Middle East and Africa (IMEA), Infor.

"We've got a Talent Science solution here running on the stand, and that has seen huge engagement, especially from the public sector ... It essentially allows you to create your Talent Science profile on the fly and to understand who you are and what motivates you."

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