Avaya launches social platform for chatbots

GITEX debut for Avaya's new social platform for chatbots

Avaya is at GITEX.
Avaya is at GITEX.

Avaya has launched the first social platform for chatbots, which according to the vendor will usher in a giant leap forward in customer self-service at GITEX Technology Week 2018.

Drawing parallels from traditional social media, Avaya's latest innovation provides a structured platform for bots to engage each other in a secure and regulated manner with the intent of extending the expertise and effectiveness of each individual chatbot.

According to  the unified communications (UC) and contact centre (CC) solutions vendor, it is also demonstrating a number of innovative solutions that will raise the bar for customer service and satisfaction.


The company is also demonstrating the integration of AI-enhanced technologies with Avaya's platforms, including biometrics and real time sentiment analysis to its communication platforms, enabling organisations to elevate voice as a key user interface for richer, more seamless, secure customer and employee experiences.

Nidal Abou-Ltaif, president, Avaya International, says: "With automation, organisations can overcome their human resource limitations and meet these customer expectations by delivering seamless, intuitive and intelligent experiences across all touch points."

Abou-Ltaif says ‘always-on' customer service can be achieved through Avaya's social platform for chatbots. He adds that a key shortcoming of the traditional enterprise chatbot comes in the fact that they are usually domain-attuned. "This drastically limits their ability to fully and efficiently service customers' requests when the information they require lies outside its domain," he explains.

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