Union Investments deploys ePromis ERP

Investment company rolls out ePromis ERP for its member companies

Union Investment has rolled out ePromis ERP to its member companies.
Union Investment has rolled out ePromis ERP to its member companies.

Investment company Union Investments has successfully deployed ePromis ERP across its group companies.

The UAE-based business has member companies and interests in the construction, shipping, industrial, and IT sectors, and has rolled out the ERP to improve processes and visibility across the whole group.

The newly implemented ERP software will enable the companies to adopt best practices in human capital management, logistics, and trading, planning, financial management, inventory, and customer experience management.


Mahesh Ram, the Vice Chairman of Union Investment and the Chairman of Emirates Stevedoring (a member company) said that it was a pleasure to see the company enter the era of modern ERP: "The flexibility in adapting to industry-specific business requirements makes ePROMIS ERP compatible to any organisation."

Sumanth Gopal, the CEO of Emirates Stevedoring stated the ERP implementation project is the most significant collaboration between Union Group and ePROMIS MEA.

"The successful ERP implementation opened a whole new world of possibilities for the group. The absolute commitment of ePROMIS implementation team and our internal team brought us 100% visibility across the entire group of companies leading to greater efficiency," he said.

The project had gone through various stages of implementation such as business process mapping, requirement analysis, solution design and development, testing, user acceptance, and go-live.

"We integrated all business operations into a single system to meet their specific requirements, achieve a greater data analytics, quicker decision making, real-time data, improved financial reporting," said Gigi Varghese, Program Manager at ePROMIS MEA who headed the project implementation.

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