Etisalat wants to use AI to detect crime, clear traffic jams

Etisalat seeking AI and blockchain startups for next round of Dubai Future Accelerators

Etisalat will investigate the use of AI to analyse surveillance data in the fifth edition of Dubai Future Accelerators.
Etisalat will investigate the use of AI to analyse surveillance data in the fifth edition of Dubai Future Accelerators.

Etisalat is aiming to use AI and blockchain in surveillance and to reduce transaction costs in the next round of the Dubai Future Accelerators.

The fifth round of the government startup program will begin in September, and UAT telco Etisalat is looking for startup partners to work on three challenges - using AI to improve crime and traffic surveillance, using blockchain to reduce transaction costs in business, and using blockchain to consolidate customer loyalty programs.

Dubai Future Accelerators, which is run by the Dubai Future Foundation, pairs startups with government and some UAE private sector entities to address challenges set by the entities themselves. The nine week program includes the startup working closely with dedicated teams from the government entity to develop technology solutions for each challenge.


Etisalat said that there is potential for a successful startup in Future Accelerators to join the Etisalat Scale-Ups Program where they will receive access to Etisalat Digital resources and experts, office space, and support needed to deliver joint projects.

Etisalat's challenges for next edition of DFA are to use AI in analysis of video surveillance, to detect and predict crime, congestion and road accidents. It also includes enabling automated decisions that alert the concerned authorities.

The telco also wants to investigate the use of blockchain to reduce transactional costs and complexity in B2B processes between banks, government, and private sectors by 40% within five years; while the third challenge will use blockchain to allow exchange between various loyalty ‘currencies; and the development of a cryptocurrency for loyalty programs that can be used in online and physical transactions.

Francisco Salcedo, Senior Vice President, Etisalat Digital, said: "We are looking forward to the 5th cohort with Dubai Future Accelerators. Our partnership with the accelerator supports us in collaborating with innovative companies worldwide to bring the latest innovation to our customers. For the 5th cohort, we chose to address two of the key emerging technologies in UAE, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, to explore new opportunities and solutions, and support the UAE agenda for 2021."

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