Data-in-space organisations partner to preserve human knowledge

Cloud Constellation to make it's orbital data-storage satellites available to Arch Mission

Arch Mission will use Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt satellite storage network to store repositories of human knowledge.
Arch Mission will use Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt satellite storage network to store repositories of human knowledge.

Space data storage company Cloud Constellation Corporation has partnered with non-profit Arch Mission to help store important data in space.

Arch Mission is a project set up to preserve information for future generations, by placing repositories of knowledge off-planet. Earlier this year the Foundation announced the creation of the Lunar Library, which will place Wikipedia and other archival information on the moon in 2020.

Cloud Constellation Corp is developing a Data-Security-as-a-Service (DSaaS) solution, which will store sensitive data in a network of satellites called ‘SpaceBelt'.


In the new collaboration, Cloud Constellation will make its services available to Arch Mission, so that important human knowledge can be store in space and accessed from anywhere in the world.

Nova Spivack, co-founder, Arch Mission Foundation, said: "SpaceBelt offers us another extraordinary opportunity to preserve human knowledge. Cloud Constellation Corporation represents a shift in thinking beyond terrestrial networks and opens up a new, secure frontier for data storage and access that will be vital to the Arch Mission Foundation's efforts. We're committed to utilizing new storage and distribution technologies to ensure our archival efforts, and SpaceBelt will be a key component of that."

Dennis R. Gatens, vice president of channel management and marketing, Cloud Constellation Corporation, said: "We are proud to be part of Arch Mission's worthy and far-reaching vision of archiving the world's body of knowledge and believe SpaceBelt will be a valuable contribution that will facilitate global participation in their mission."

The Cloud Constallation SpaceBelt is a patented service which aims to secure high-value, sensitive data in storage in a networked fleet of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, connected to secure access points located at enterprise, government and military facilities via connectivity with geosynchronous satellites (GEO). The LEO satellites are networked with a redundant, self-healing optical ring for high availability.

The SpaceBelt system is intended to isolate sensitive data from inherently vulnerable global terrestrial networks, by putting it in orbit.

Individual cloud storage satellites and constellations are available to address an organisation's storage and/or sovereignty requirements.

In June Cloud Constellation Corp signed an MoU with Arab Satellite Communications Organization (ARABSAT) to develop a go-to-market strategy for enterprise and government customers in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Central Asia.

Wael Al-Buti, chief commercial officer of ARABSAT said: "Our collaboration with Cloud Constellation Corporation is coming from a profound belief in the importance of data security. We are very proud to be working on this with Cloud Constellation's innovative solution to deliver best-of-class data security services."

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