Flytxt releases new AI to support marketing professionals

Robo-X will enhance customer engagement and support campaign execution

Robo-X can act on its own or support marketeers, says Dr Vasudevan.
Robo-X can act on its own or support marketeers, says Dr Vasudevan.

Marketing intelligence and automation specialist Flytxt has launched a new AI for customer engagement.

Robo-X utilises AI and machine learning to support marketing professionals in a range of tasks, including campaign construction and automation, performance guidance and personalisation.

The solution uses Flytxt's proprietary AI platform and machine learning algorithms to discover important relations between consumers, products, offers, channels and competitive environment and how they impact business outcomes. This can help marketers in identifying new opportunities and patterns and develop and assessing campaigns to address these opportunities.


The company says that Robo-X can exponentially increase the agility and scale of marketing, allowing even a less experienced marketer to become highly effective in maximizing the value of each customer interaction.

Robo-X is available as an add-on module to the company's market-leading, flagship product NEON-dX, an analytics and dashboard for omni-channel engagement. Neon-dX is already in use with over telecom operations including Zain Group.

Dr Vinod Vasudevan, CEO of Flytxt, said: "Robo-X is one example of how society is witnessing the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The powerful amalgamation of technologies, such as Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is influencing so many aspects of our lives - both personally and professionally.

"Robo-X is an AI that can take marketing decisions on its own. As an intelligent companion for marketers, it will act as a force multiplier, increasing uplifts in revenue through campaigns run on NEON-dX.

"NEON-dX already offers a unique competitive advantage to some of the biggest companies around the world in some of the most innovative sectors, such as telecoms, financial services and travel. With the addition of Robo-X, marketers can now harness the power of artificial intelligence to create personalized customer interactions with a level of precision and scale that is beyond human capability, whether they are veterans of the industry or just beginners."

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