Patcham Ltd deploys Epicor to automate business processes

Chemical manufacturer rolls out Epicor ERP to automate and improve business processes

Patcham has rolled out Epicor ERP to enhance business processes.
Patcham has rolled out Epicor ERP to enhance business processes.

Chemicals company Patcham Limited has deployed Epicor ERP to automate and improve processes across its business.

The UAE-based specialty additives manufacturer has implemented Epicor modules for sales, customer relationship management (CRM), purchasing, material management, production, accounting, and finance.

The new ERP will automate processes, and allow the implementation of best practices and process improvements to support business expansion.


The Epicor solution replaced a legacy system that had been developed in house. Deployment of Epicor took eight months, with Patcham working with Epicor partner Cork Information Technology.

Replacing a legacy, home-grown, modular ERP solution with Epicor ERP will allow Patcham to avoid duplication of data and improve data integrity, accuracy, and real-time access by breaking down information silos between departments.

The company also expects to utilise the reporting features available in Epicor ERP to enable Patcham employees across departments to make better day-to-day decisions - be it on customer pricing, inventory and production staffing levels, or capital expenditures - that directly impact the bottom line.

Commenting on the decision to select Epicor ERP, Parth Patel, operations manager at Patcham Ltd said: "From a business point of view, it was essential that the ERP solution has the right industry fit and is flexible enough to cater to the changing market landscape and needs of our business.

"In parallel, we require the ERP solution to be scalable and integrate easily with our non-UAE offices, while accounting for the local regulations for business in those countries. From a technology standpoint, we want the solution to include the latest programming and database management systems (DBMS) techniques to ensure speed, security, and hardware compatibility with other data capturing mechanisms within our organisation. Finally, from a user perspective, we require the system to be minimally disruptive and easy to use in terms of layout and design. Epicor ERP checks all these boxes, making it a good fit for our business."

"Since our inception in 1994 we have steadily grown into a leading supplier of specialty additives to customers in the paint and coatings, ink, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and composites industries. Central to our continued growth is the need to evolve and expand our product line and geographical reach. With the Epicor ERP solution serving as the backbone of our organisation, we finally have a 360-degree view of our business and can better capture, manage, and analyse data. This in turn gives our management team the ability, and more importantly the confidence, to take bold decisions that will determine the growth trajectory of our business.

"Small- to medium-size manufacturers in the UAE and the Middle East at large, are realising that their legacy, often manual, ERP solutions are inhibiting business growth and putting them at a competitive disadvantage in today's hyper-competitive market. Epicor ERP has been designed to fit the specific business requirements of manufacturers, is easy to deploy, and offers easily customisable, granular reporting capabilities that are essential for good decision making. By leveraging Epicor ERP, organisations now have the platform they need to ensure that their business is not only fit for growth, but able to grow profitably," concluded Andy Coussins, senior vice president and head of sales, international region at Epicor.

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