UAE app Play:Date aims to connect children

Launch of Android version of app to help parents arrange playdates for their offspring

The playdate app is intended to help parents to find playmates for their children.
The playdate app is intended to help parents to find playmates for their children.

Play:Date, a social media app for children has launched its Android version in time for summer.

The UAE-created app is a platform for parents to set up playdates for their little ones, engage with each other based on the interests and personalities of their children, while also expanding a parent's network within the community.

In addition, the application also features various vouchers and offers exclusive to Play:Date members.


The app was previously only available on iOS.

Commenting on the launch, Shamim Kassibawi, Founder of Play:Date, said: "This is an exciting feat of accomplishment and we are extremely proud of reaching a new milestone. After launching on iOS and being able to see proof of concept, our next goal was to ensure we cater to users fuelling the rapid growth of the Android market. Earlier, kids were limited to school/day-care, the park or family dinners to make new friends, but with Play:Date, the world is now their playground."

"We strive to keep the parents at the center of everything we do and are constantly developing new features in order to ensure optimum experience for our users. Play:Date currently boasts 1000+ (and growing) families who hail from the UAE, US, Australia, New Zealand, India and Saudi Arabia, and we hope to keep up the momentum throughout the year," adds Abdallah Yatim, Co-founder of Play:Date and Partner of app incubator BigBoyApps.

Currently hosting their second Summer Tour series, the interactive app allows parents to build their child's social circle within the confines of a safe and secure platform.

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