NGN partners with Dbrain for AI business solutions

NNTC and NGN International to utilise Dbrain's expertise to create AI solutions for key verticals

NGN and NNTC will use Dbrain's blockchain-based platform to develop AI solutions in areas including oil & gas and banking.
NGN and NNTC will use Dbrain's blockchain-based platform to develop AI solutions in areas including oil & gas and banking.

NGN Group has partnered with startup Dbrain to bring AI solutions to its customers in the Gulf region.

The partnership, between NGN's consulting and training company NNTC, and systems integrator NGN International, will utilise Dbrain's open blockchain platform to create AI applications for business.

Dbrain operates as an end to end developer of AI solutions, using a crowdsourced workforce and its own data scientists to turn raw data into real-world AI solutions for businesses. The partnerships open new opportunities across oil & gas, banking & finance as well as other sectors for all parties involved.


NNTC and NGN International provide consultancy, implementation, and support services in a variety of areas, including blockchain development, drone, internet of things and smart city solutions, video analytics, virtual reality, and many more. By partnering with Dbrain, NNTC and NGN International will expand its service offering by adding AI solutions that are in high demand in the Gulf region.

"AI and machine learning technologies are gaining wider recognition globally. Businesses need to focus on implementing these technologies to stay competitive. We observed a high adoption rate of AI technology in the UAE amongst other GCC countries. A big amount of investment goes into talent development and training in this domain," said Dmitry Matskevich, the CEO of Dbrain.

"This drive includes the UAE 2031 Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which aims to raise the country's IT infrastructure efficiency by increasing its reliance on AI. In fact, the UAE even have their own Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. In Bahrain, PWC predicts AI will account for 8.2% of GDP by 2030," added Matskevich.

The partnership with NNTC will allow Dbrain to grow its presence in the MENA region across new industries.

NNTC will use AI not only to discover the best places for oil drilling, but also to improve accuracy by the real-time drilling monitoring, correcting, and adjusting. This could lead to a wide implication for the oil industry, giving companies a competitive edge and enabling to avoid energy and time waste.

By using AI to detect suspicious banking transactions, Dbrain and NNTC will make the banking process much safer for users. The companies also aim to use AI for customer services automation, making it possible to satisfy customers' needs much quicker and easier, without a huge strain on staff.

Matskevich added: "We are really excited to share our AI expertise with companies in the Middle East. The UAE is showing great potential in this industry, and we are extremely happy with this opportunity to be a part of that growth."

Dmitry Doshaniy, NNTC's General Manager, said: "Banking industry is one of the verticals to largely benefit from AI application and this collaboration will facilitate our plans to grow our presence in this sector. AI will allow organizations to save time, reduce costs, optimize their operations, make relevant predictions and drive higher revenue. We are glad to support UAE's smooth adoption of AI across private and public sectors."

"We gladly welcome partnership with Dbrain and the opportunity to help Bahraini businesses

get more from digital transformation by using AI. Through the adoption of AI we are planning to automate and improve business efficiency, and uplift the economy of the Kingdom," said Yaqoob AlAwadhi, CEO at NGN International.

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