Abu Dhabi govt to unify customer centres under TAMM

Abu Dhabi will unify government service centres under TAMM initiative

Abu Dhabi SSSA held a workshop to discuss the strategy for TAMM service centres.
Abu Dhabi SSSA held a workshop to discuss the strategy for TAMM service centres.

Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) has hosted a workshop to prepare government staff for the unification of government service centres into the new TAMM centres.

The Abu Dhabi government intends to merge service centres for a number of Abu Dhabi government entities into TAMM service centres, which will provide high levels of service and a fully-integrated digital services platform.

The TAMM initiative was launched at the start of the year, and is aimed at achieving service excellence across Abu Dhabi Government by moving the service delivery model towards a ‘journey'-focused approach. TAMM harnesses innovative technologies to combine services from different government departments that are related to a specific activity, for example, moving house. This enables the customer to access all of the services they require for an activity in one single fast and efficient service.


The TAMM model includes sectors such as real estate, education, health, entertainment, family, community and others.

The first phase of the initiative is set to be launched on November 1, 2018, which will be highlighted with the opening of three centres to be located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra--covering 80 per cent of transactions from government entities.

The workshop focused on the objectives of the project, including how to transfer the centres and customer service staff to TAMM centre; selecting and qualifying employees to be assigned to these facilities and providing the highest levels of service. The sessions also sought to highlight the task of unifying the designs of various centres and providing a fully-integrated digital platform to manage customer services.

The workshop was attended by HE Sheikh Abdullah Al Hamed, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority; HE Dr Rauda Saeed Al Saadi, General Director of ADSSSA, senior executives and employees from various government entities in Abu Dhabi.

HE Sheikh Abdullah Al Hamed said: "Unifying Abu Dhabi Government Customer Service Centres to TAMM Centre is a confirmation that our customers will remain the primary goal of government work. At the end of this year, we will celebrate this milestone achievement which looks towards providing world class government services, thanks to the efforts of the Authority and government entities to improve the provision of government services and put key priority on customer happiness."

HE Dr Rauda Saeed Al Saadi added: "The Authority is committed in enhancing the joint efforts of various government entities to provide the highest quality of government services, enrich customers experience and enable them to make maximum use of the services and projects provided by the Authority with minimal time and effort. The workshop aimed at educating participants about Abu Dhabi's unified government services system TAMM, which focuses on innovation and smooth design as the main pillars of providing integrated services that meet the needs and aspirations of the customers in a proactive way - thereby reinforcing Abu Dhabi's position as a global hub for technological innovation."

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