SAS releases IoT analytics solutions

New software intended to provide fast analysis of large volumes of IoT-generated data

The SAS analytics solution is intended to help organisations to gain value from their data, says Dabaghi.
The SAS analytics solution is intended to help organisations to gain value from their data, says Dabaghi.

Analytics specialist SAS has released a new software solution that is tailored to analysing large volumes of data generated by Internet of Things sensors and devices

The SAS Analytics for IoT package is intended to help organisations to interpret rapidly moving and accumulating data, and make decisions based on that data. The IoT solution is intended for organisations in manufacturing, energy, retail and other sectors that will generate large volumes of data from IoT.

Shukri Dabaghi, regional director for the Middle East and Francophone Africa, SAS said: "The region is waking up to the ways in which IoT and data analysis provide innovative methods to serve their business's customers in an increasingly enhanced way. Data analysis and its appropriation for enterprise is a strategic tool for companies' decision makers to glimpse the future and act accordingly to meet customer needs and expectations."


The company said that IoT analysis will be used in different ways across different sectors, including predictive maintenance, retail personalisation and other actions. The solution will help organisations to discover data and focus on the most valuable data; mine and analyse data streams and combine them with other contextual data for deeper analysis, and to act in real time on data signals from simple alerts to complex automated responses.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), public and private sector investment across the Middle East and Africa's public safety and security, telecommunications, banking, energy, transportation, manufacturing, consumer and Smart Cities industries will drive the region's IoT market to a valuation of $10.9 billion in 2019 - up from $5.1 billion last year.

"The IoT market is evolving globally," said Dan Vesset, IDC Group vice president for Analytics and Information Management. "To meet the needs of enterprises engaged in creating sensor data, it's important to keep analytics front and centre. Without predictive analytics at the edge and in the enterprise network, it will be difficult for any organisation to realize the full potential represented by the IoT. That's where SAS' offering makes a lot of sense - whether the organisation involved is engaged in manufacturing, energy, retail or any other industry that's putting sensing devices into play."

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