Trend Micro debuts SafeSync 5.0

Refreshed software has end-to-end encryption, includes cloud storage

Trend Micro has debuted the refreshed version of SafeSync, called SafeSync 5.0.
Trend Micro has debuted the refreshed version of SafeSync, called SafeSync 5.0.

Internet security solutions provider, Trend Micro, has released the next generation of SafeSync, SafeSync 5.0, which is designed to allow users to safely and securely store, share, sync and protect their digital lives.

SafeSync is designed to ensure that, no matter where a user is connected, or what device they are using, they can access and update files with a high level of security.

Trend Micro's SafeSync database is held in Europe, in a dedicated datacentre owned, maintained and run by Trend Micro. Files are therefore protected by the rigorous data protection legislation in force in Europe.


SafeSync also offers end-to-end encryption as standard, designed to ensure data is kept secure both when it is being transmitted and when it is at rest in the datacentre.

SafeSync is also designed to synchronise data between personal devices, automatically, instantly and continuously, using the Cloud. If a user's device is lost, stolen or damaged, the data is still safe and secure in the Cloud. Users' also get their own personal storage space with their own online web console to manage files from any web interface. 

Third party sharing is also built into SafeSync, so that users can share files to Facebook and other social networks.

The SafeSync interface has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use by both novice and advanced users. SafeSync 5.0 enables users to drag and drop files into the SafeSync Folder, immediately syncing them to the Cloud and all your devices.

"A consumer living their everyday digital life now requires a degree of synchronisation and data security that, frankly, the simple backup solutions that they have often been using until now cannot provide. We know that the majority of our customers have more than one web enabled device, with many treating their smartphones and tablets as extensions of their computer, so it's really exciting that SafeSync gets away from the idea of backing up data, as the data is already there, available and secure, in the Cloud.  For example, you can sync from your home PC, smartphone, or iPad - and then view your synced files from any other web enabled device, completely securely," said Karen Hicks, consumer product marketing manager, EMEA, Trend Micro.

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