EMEA switch market to hit $6 billion by 2014

Juniper's EMEA SVP reveals that the EMEA region brings 29% of global revenues, and projects a $6 billion market for switches by 2014.


BARCELONA: Juniper's senior EMEA vice president for Juniper Networks has claimed that the pent-up demand from customers will see the regional market for network switches hit $6 billion by the year 2014.

 SVP Gert-Jan Schenk says that there is clearly "light at the end of the tunnel": "A lot of customers have been holding back in investments so much over the last two years that they need to start spending pretty aggressively in some of the fundamental infrastructure that they need in order to scale for future growth and data traffic. We see this specifically in mobile operators, with data traffic overtaking from voice in these networks."

"Towards 2014, there's very strong growth predicted in that market for switches. By the year 2014, it's estimated that for EMEA alone, this market will top $6 billion. It's a tremendous opportunity for Juniper, and we also have a fantastic chance to grab market share with the richness of the portfolio that we are having," he believes.


 Schenk also disclosed during the firm's EMEA partner summit that a significant portion of its $913 million revenues - which had 19% year-on-year growth comparing Q1 2009 with Q1 2010 - comes from his region.

 "Looking at the geographic spread of the revenue, North America is by far the strongest and biggest market for Juniper. 29% of the global revenue spread is coming out of the EMEA theatre. One thing that is quite good is that we have grown our business from Q4 to Q1 [2010] by about 4% and that's something we haven't seen for a long, long time," he says.


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