SEHA extends Cerner healthcare systems project

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company to roll out more Cerner solutions across all operations

A more connected healthcare system will improve patient care in Abu Dhabi, says Berner.
A more connected healthcare system will improve patient care in Abu Dhabi, says Berner.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) and Cerner have announced the expansion of their long standing deal for healthcare information systems (HIS) for Abu Dhabi.

The deal will allow SEHA to deploy all Cerner solutions available in the UAE, to any of its business entities. At present, the solutions are in use at five SEHA hospitals, twelve ambulatory healthcare clinics and multiple primary healthcare clinics, but the extension will introduce new healthcare systems and deployments at other sites.

Carl V. Stanifer, SEHA chairman commented: "SEHA's successful partnership with Cerner has already improved the quality of healthcare delivery in the Emirate. Our continued partnership with Cerner will help healthcare professionals further elevate safety, quality and efficiency for the more than five million patients that visit SEHA hospitals each year."


SEHA has already expanded on its initial 2005 agreement with Cerner, to deliver a suite of 15 solutions to four hospitals, but the extension will introduce new solutions in the areas of automated processes for women's health, clinical trials, point of care medication administration and the critical care and laboratory departments.

Cerner's Lighthouse solution will be implemented across the SEHA HealthSystem to help identify opportunities for process improvement, increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase patient safety. This solution also helps hospitals meet regulatory requirements and make better use of data to improve the healthcare delivery process.

"We are proud at Cerner of our partnership with SEHA and what we have accomplished together to create a better experience for SEHA patients," said Richard Berner, Cerner Middle East vice president and general manager. "We look forward to continuing our journey to improve the quality of Care in Abu Dhabi by seamlessly connecting and optimizing the UAE healthcare system."

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