Acer debuts notebook with long-life battery

Aspire Timeline series of notebooks are lightweight, energy-effecient and offer more than 8 hours of battery life

New Aspire Timeline 14" notebook.
New Aspire Timeline 14" notebook.

Acer has launched its new Aspire Timeline notebook series in the Middle East, which touts efficiency, performance, green credentials as well as more than 8 hours of battery life.

Available in three formats - 13.3”, 14” and 15.6" - the Aspire Timeline laptops are powered by Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage processors and run Windows Vista. Aside from offering a longer battery life than its predecessors, without any additional weight, the laptops come with a handy cooling technology that makes it comfortable to use the device even on your lap because inlet vents along the bottom of the chassis allow cool air to flow towards the skin.

Krishna Murthy, managing director of Acer MEA, said that while other competitors are hit by the recession, Acer is confident of the market potential and stands by the timing of the launch.

“Leadership companies are those who bring compelling and breakthrough technologies to consumers even in tough market conditions,” commented Intel’s president and CEO Paul Otellini at the Aspire Timeline launch in New York just last month, affirming the company’s collaboration with Acer to develop products based on the energy-efficient Core 2 Duo processor.

Murthy added that emerging markets have started to show some positive signs after six months of ‘substantial’ negative growth.

In the first quarter of this year, Acer grabbed a 14% market share in the total PC segment in Middle East and Africa and a solid 24.6% in the notebook segment for the same region.

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