Abu Dhabi to lead world for high-speed internet access

Etisalat will complete fibre to the home cables for 712,000 customers by end of year

Abu Dhabi will be the world’s first city to boast super fast internet connection speeds following the installation of new technology, Etisalat claimed on Monday.

The UAE telecoms provider said 712,000 of customer homes and residences will be fitted with fibre to the home (FTTH) cables during this year’s second half.

Etisalat added the remaining emirates will be connected by 2011.

According to telecoms experts, internet speeds through FTTH connections are 20 to 100 times faster than typical cable modems and dial up lines.

“FTTH technology will bring about a paradigm shift in the communication sector, taking it to unprecedented levels,” said Khalifa Al Shamsi, Etisalat’s vice president of consumer marketing.

During the Telecom Leaders Roundtable Summit, Shamsi added: “With its high-speed internet offering speeds up to 100 mbps, this technology will boost adoption of new age internet services like IPTV, video on demand, and online gaming, creating future smart homes.”

Other benefits of FTTH include online health checks, three dimensional images and data, video conferencing and e-education, Shamsi said.

Apart from FTTH, Etisalat is also planning to roll out mobile broadband with increased bandwidth across the UAE.

The service will enable iPhone users to access the internet anywhere, while the company intends to provide 3G coverage to 99 percent of populated areas across the emirates.

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