Intel forms peer-to-peer working group

Intel expects peer-to-peer capabilities to allow companies to make current applications more efficient and enable entirely new applications in the future.

Intel has formed an industry working group which it believes will give corporations a significant new capability to use their computing resources more efficiently.

The group has been formed to foster standards and protocols for peer-to-peer computing, particularly in business environments. “Peer-to-peer computing could be as important to the Internet’s future as the Web browser was to its past,” said Patrick Gelsinger, vice president and chief technology officer, Intel Architecture mGroup.”

“While the most visible impact of this model has been in consumer environments, peer-to-peer computing has the potential to play a major role in business computing as well,” he added.

Gelsinger also called on other industry leaders to join Intel and others in the new Peer-to-Peer Working Group, which will analyse the issues surrounding the deployment of peer-to-peer computing, including security, storage management and interoperability.

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