Norton AntiVirus rewarded for perfection

Customers of Norton AntiVirus will be pleased to hear that the product was one of only three to receive a perfect score when tested by Virus Bulletin for virus detection.

Corporate and personal computer users can rest assured that the fight against viruses is in reliable hands with three products receiving a VB 100% award from Virus Bulletin.

One such product out of the 18 reviewed, Norton AntiVirus 2000, received the award for the tenth time. The VB 100% award is given to products that detect 100% of all ‘In the Wild’ viruses, as tracked by the WildList Organisation, during extensive Virus Bulletin testing.

“Receiving a 10th VB 100% award secures Norton AntiVirus’ position as an industry leader in providing the most powerful and reliable anti-virus solutions available today,” said Ron Moritz, chief technical officer, Symantec Corporation, who own Norton AntiVirus.

“As the virus threat is continually changing, it is more impotant than ever to be protected from these malicious attacks.”

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