KACST outlines plans for backup Internet access centre

Saudi Arabia's Internet access controller says backup facility will be ready by the end of the year.

King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology will have a second international Internet access center by the end of the year.

The centre, to be based in Jeddah, will give KACST a mirror access system to its primary access centre.

If a fatal failure occurs, as happened two weeks ago when a critical router crash brought the Kingdom’s Internet access down for a day, KACST would be able to switch over instantly to the backup centre.

“Once the Jeddah unit comes online, the service would not be stopped at all, because when there is a problem in one unit, international access will be shifted to the other,” explained KACST in an official statement.

Failure Apology

The news from KACST came as part of an apology to customers for the Internet failure of August 17.

The organisation confirmed that a router failure was the cause of the problem.

“The problem was solved the same day by KACST’s technical team with the help of experts. Such technical failures are quite natural and expected in any service institution,” said the official statement.

The statement added that every effort was being made to provide a service that met the hopes and aspirations of people browsing the Net.

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