Unpaid phone bills threaten to undermine STC's services

Total amount of unpaid phone bills to Saudi Telecommunications Company tops SR 4 billion.

Saudi Telecommunications Company (STC) has warned that services could suffer if the amount of unpaid phone bills in the Kingdom continues to spiral out of control.

A report in Al Madinah daily last week stated that the total outstanding debt owed to STC has now topped SR 4 billion.

Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, director of STC's Taif branch issued the warning that the huge amount of arrears is likely to reflect the quality of the company's services.

Tighter controls and tougher penalties are being implemented to curb the problem. STC is coordinating with the passport department to make sure that expatriates do not leave the country without settling their phone bills.

Black List

At the same time, the company has warned that defaulters would be blacklisted and denied all telecommunications services.

STC customers, however, say that the company could do more to help itself.

They complain that it is difficult to budget because it is difficult to predict when bills will arrive. Sometimes bills arrive so infrequently that the amounts owed are unmanageable, reported Al Madinah.

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