Industry's first gigahertz server and workstation processor

Intel unveil an industry first that it believes will benefit an overwhelming percentage of e-companies and service providers in running their e-businesses on Intel-based servers.

E-businesses will be able to deploy more servers to accommodate unpredictable explosive growth, thanks to Intel Corporation introducing the industry’s first gigahertz processor for servers and high-end workstations.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will be able to offer systems featuring the gigahertz Intel Pentium III Xeon processor now, targeting the rapidly growing high-end workstation and ‘front-end’ server segments.

Front-end or Internet servers, featuring one or two processors, have become the solution of choice for companies conducting e-business over the Internet and now the Intel-based servers can address the infrastructure trend of ‘scaling out.’

According to International Data Corporation, 75% of all deployed Internet servers are based on Intel’s open architecture so the majority of dot.coms, e-corporations and service providers will benefit from the development.

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